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Well its  about a month now that my grandad died, and only two weeks till the funeral and of those who know thinki am coping quite well, but reality isnt always that perfect to be honest. I mean i have seen what this loss has done to the fmily and their ways of coping my mum for instance is taking the attention wanting crying all the time where nan and uncle takes the carry on as usual path. Glenn my brother is the quiet and having a go at mum path and me somewhere in the middle of all the paths. Its a hard thing to get your head round and me being the logic headed type of person its harder for me to make a clear sense of things. In one way its a release for him cos he wasnt going to live a normal life like he use to have but in the other way i feel upset and let down that i wont have grandad there to guide and advise me like always has done. I always enjoyed his talks and days out and there were many more to come, and of course there is my graduation and marrige that i really wanted him there. When asked on a social site questionnaire who is your idol or who do look up to? Naturally i said no one but in reality its always been grandad i admire him for his strengthand courage i admire him for his values and that he stood up for what was right. Most of all he was always proud of me and although he never said or showed it I always  knew he did, he was the one that inspired me to go and do law at uni and he always was there to guide me. The memories are never gone and as i reflect it was the right thing but in my heart i will always miss him but i have my memories. I suppose I will find my way of saying goodbye. But i know he watching over me still guiding and advising and being proud of me.

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If reincarnation were inevitable, what would you come back as in your next life?

Well that is a hard but interesting discussion to be honest, and truthfully I am not a 100% sure of what i would like to be but if i had a choice or even choices it probably be my favourite animals which are otters, wolves and beagal. I know what you are thinking the first two are quite understanderable otters are cute while wolves are powerful animals but a beagal? Well beagal i think are cute and intelligent dogs. I mean who wouldnt want to live a dogs life providing its nice owners dogs have a comfortable existance. So yeah I havent a clue what i want to be but if i did it would be either a otter,wolve or a beagal

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If reincarnation were inevitable, what would you come back as in your next life?
 i would like to come back as a otter, wolve or a seal not sure why probably coz they are my favourite animals, but i would like to come back as human if possible

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I celebrated halloween by watching most haunted and eating chinese with my housemates ^^
Boo! How did you celebrate Halloween?

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 *sigh* where to begin been sooooo busy with work and uni stuff that i havent been able to write, hopefully i can give chapters of my novels so you ca read. Lol im so tired that i probably wonder what the hell i been writing lol ttyl
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 *sigh* well it finally happen i have split up with my bf. the way im feeling atm is that my whole world hs fallen apart around me. i just feel so miserable that any attempt to cheer myself up has failed. great thing i have friends that are generally care for my well being. i just want to know why thats all its like he didnt even try to talk it through or even find a solution that would suit us, he just gave up. i begin to wonder whether its something i did. 

i will be ok withn time and being friends is a gd thing and its his loss really i just have to look towards the future.
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Grrr!! im so annoyed apparently i have to give my bf space how much space does someone need and besides he has enough space as it is well one thing for sure if he wants space he will have fucking space.
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Here is the first two chapters of one of my novels happy reading

PROLOG: August 1720The moon shone brightly over the streets of Edinburgh and Ernest McDonald stumbled out of the tavern. He stumbled down the cobbled street of Princes Street, the tumble down buildings hung over the streets like clinging silhouettes and a sweet but sickly smell hung in the air. Although Ernest was drunk he still had his sharp wit that he was famous for, and this would help with dangerous streets and allies of 1720s Edinburgh. Ernest was a good Christian and respectable man, a marshal to his highness jail, however he had enemies. Ernest looked up into the starry sky and took a deep breath of the sweet air that he knew so well, he carried on walking down the street unaware of the hidden danger that was looming, he turned into Charlotte Street only a few meters.


Although he lived in lodging, he had a young family but his work took him a way from home that he agreed to take lodging in the city. He missed his family so, but his first duty for king and country upholding the law and punishing anyone that disobey the law. He carried down Charlotte Street his thoughts occupied his mind he was unaware that two fine dressed men were now following him. Ernest looked at his pocket watch which dangled at his waistcoat, the watch read half past twelve he looked around the deserted streets at which he noticed the two gentlemen following him. He started to quicken his pace turning into St Colme Street only ten yards to his lodgings he thought. He started to run his thoughts began to race through his mind wondering whether his life was over. He looked behind him the men were still following him but at quickening pace. Ernest quickly turned into a side alley; a head of him was his safe lodgings. But out of nowhere one of the men slammed him into a wall. Bewildered, Ernest didn’t know what was happening he automatically knew that these were no ordinary gentlemen in fact they were vampires.


Ernest knew that there were rumours about vampires and strange killings, but he thought they were just rumours thought up by the drunk or the mad. They stared at Ernest frightened and bewildered face, Ernest being petrified managed to somehow speak.


"W- w- w –w- what do you want with me?" he stammer trying to keep eye contact. The two vampires smiled at each other but didn’t say anything.


"What do you want with me my money is in my pocket" Ernest said again to the vampires, again they didn’t say anything just smiled, their smiles produced a pair of sharp fangs that made Ernest blood cold. Then one of the vampires replied


" We don’t want your money" while he was saying this a wicked smile spread across his face.


"Then what do you want?" Ernest said trying not to think the fate that awaited him. Their smiles were sickly and unfriendly; they drew up close to him and whispered


"We want your life" and with that a sharp pain shot through and up Ernest neck, fear filled his eyes as the pain spread through his body and down his arms. He slide down the wall unable to scream his vision became blurred, the last image he saw was the vampires basking in the moonlight mouths dripping with his blood with that he lost consciousness.


Ernest woke the next day with a start, feeling dazed and confused he looked around his familiar lodgings, he felt weak and drained and had no recollection of any of the events of the previous night. He looked down at his pocket watch it said half ten he stumbled out of his four poster bed and stumbled across the room to his mirror on the wall. Splashing himself with water from the basin on the dressing table he looked into the mirror he saw two tiny bite marks on his neck. Events soon became clear, he raced across his room to a set of bookshelves taking a book of myths and legends he started to read. Ernest sank on his bed and thought about his life praying that it was all a nasty dream and that he would soon wake up, however it was no dream it was real. He thought about his family, friends and how he will never see them again, as he thought he went over to his desk and sat down to write. He wrote four letters one to his good friend Robert Cameron, another to his landlady in which he include his last week rent and his spare key, the third to his dearest wife and the fourth to his oldest and dearest daughter Clara. After writing he waited for night.


Night quickly comes for those who are damned


"What have you done to me?"


"Nothing really" said one of the vampires " just sucked your life force. Why what is the matter?"


"What’s a matter you turned me into one of you. You don’t care that I have a young family and friends even a career, you turned me into you" he yelled, he was making so much noise that they pulled him into a near by alley


"Your not exactly a full vampire your only half" replied one of the vampires


"And that’s suppose to make me feel better" Ernest said noticing that their grip was loosening


"We hasn’t finish your ritual yet we were waiting"


"Waiting for what?"


"Whether you wanted to be one of us but seeing that you are here it has confirmed it" letting Ernest go Ernest paced the alley he then replied


"What choice have I got"


"Well we can either kill you or you can join us" replied one of the vampires


"Not much of the choice" Ernest said sarcastically he thoughts then turn to his family and friends once more "giving the choice I got my family and friends will lose me no matter what I do, but giving the choice I will choose you"


With that Ernest old life slipped into nothingness his heartbeat beated fast as his old life drained, once again he slipped into unconsciousness. He awoke to find himself in a crypt he looked around the surroundings with new eyes. Meanwhile in town his letters were found and distributed to the relevant people. Ernest had a new life and new friends; the reign of Ernest McDonald was about to begin.

 Ernest thought as he went to put on his boots and coat. Grabbing his hat he stepped out into the cold night. Once more he turned into Charlotte Street where he spotted the two vampires. He walked up to them they knew at once it was Ernest they smiled their sickly smiles. Ernest threw a punch at one of the vampires missing, Ernest tried again but before able to he was pinned against the wall. Struggling against his captors he yelled


Chapter One: Modern Day

It was a year since Sinead left Edinburgh to go down to London to work in Westminster university as a lecturer of history, although she was homesick she spent most of her time down in London and rarely came home to visit. The first person that she made friends with was Alexis, not only did she share a modest apartment with her but she also worked in the same department as her.


So it gave Sinead huge curiosity when she got a letter from her mother prompting her to come home and visit, not because she didn't want to visit but because her mother knew that she was enjoying her life in London so much that she organised a trip later that year. But here she was sitting on a train heading towards Scotland with her best friend Alexis sitting opposite her.


Although working in the university had its advantages it also had its downsides. The work was fine, but the fact that other lecturers that didn't know Sinead very well thought that she was a student, which always lead to a embarrass silence or apology, this was down to the fact that Sinead was only twenty-two years old and therefore the youngest in her faculty. The amount of talent and knowledge that she had for the subject prompted the dean of the University to give her a job after she graduated. Although she enjoyed it very much she didn't like explaining that she was staff instead of a pupil.


Sinead was a beautiful, intelligent twenty-two year old. She had mid-length black hair, which she kept in a tidy ponytail and emerald green eyes. Her athletic built often prompted her to do various sports from fencing to rock climbing. Her friend Alexis was a beautiful twenty-five years old. She had short brown hair with blue eyes that possessed wisdom beyond her years, Sinead relied on her she was her best friend and Sinead appreciated it.


Sinead wasn’t a big fan of long journeys especially the one from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Scotland but she rather take the journey by train than by car. She stared out the train window her mind occupied with thoughts, she then looked at her watch and took out her mobile texting her brother; Alexis looked up from her book and said.


"Are you ok?" starring at Sinead with concern


"Er…yeah" Sinead said with an uneasy smile "I was just wondering why my mum prompts me back and I was texting my brother that’s all"


"I’m sure its nothing, here have a fruit pastel," Alexis said with a smile


Sinead took a fruit pastel and smiled then returned to looking out of the window, while Alexis returned to reading her book.


Time goes by when your having fun or so they say within an hour they were at Edinburgh train station. Collecting their luggage from the racks that was above them; they got off the train and headed towards the main area of the station.


Sinead looked through the crowd and there was her brother Ethan a tall athletic guy with short spiky black hair and blue eyes, she ran up to him with a big hug she then introduced Alexis to her brother and they proceeded to the car. The short car journey was filled with chatter of what been happening and how you been. The family home wasn’t very far from the station about half a hour drive Ethan drove into the driveway and tooted the car horn within minuets Sinead’s mum and dad came running out. Sinead and Alexis got out of the car and was greeted with hugs; they took the girl’s luggage into the living room followed by the girls followed by Sinead’s pet spaniel Charlie who greeted his mistress with abounding glee.


From outside the house did not look very big but inside it was huge among comparisons. Entering the house you enter a moderate hall which led into a small reception room. The first door on the right led into a medium size living room, which led into a good size dinning room there was a door that also led to the dinning room via the hall. The kitchen was on the left opposite the dinning room the next room was a downstairs toilet and finally the stairs leading to four good sized bedrooms and two bathrooms. They all gathered into the living room and chatted.



Chapter Two: September 1735


The night was cold and silent; nothing stirred in the streets of Edinburgh except the sound of footsteps, quickening footsteps. In the mist a figure appeared a young girl flushed from the cold and the running, her breath deep and harsh looking around she ran to a nearby alley she knelt behind a barrel there she watched her future attackers approach. They were three men finely dressed one of which was Ernest McDonald looking around he smiled.


"Come out, come out where ever you are?" he said with an unnatural tone his comrades searching nearby.


The girl gasped as one of the men grabbed her and brought her to where Ernest was standing. He smiled and ran one of his fingers down her face; she turned away in disgust.


"Why did you run my pretty I thought we were having fun?" he said as he turned to his friends who were chuckling to themselves. " Don’t you want to play with us anymore"


The girl resists the vampire that was holding her was too strong and held her with an unnatural strength.


"I know what you are and I’m here to stop you, whatever you do there will be others after me to stop you" the girl said in a harsh whisper


Ernest laughed "I don’t think so my dear" with that he stuck his Vamperic thangs in her neck. The girl winced and cried out but no one heard her screams, she slipped down and lay there she was dead. Ernest got up from the girl and wiped the last of the blood from his lips smiling he turned to his fellow vampires and said "pity I did like her". They smiled then suddenly they heard a crowd coming towards them.


One of the vampire called George McKenzie turned saying " it must the vampire hunters coming to retrieve their missing member" looking at the dead girl "we must depart"


Ernest knelt down pulling something from his pocket he left it on the girl’s body, with that the three vampires left.


The crowd came nearer, their touches burned and lit up the streets the runners ran ahead they called the group over to where the body laid crowding they started muttering the crowd separated and a small group came to the scene the small group consisted of three men and a woman. The woman dressed in a black dress with a cloak that was fastened with a brooch her hair was tied black with a black velvet ribbon the woman was Clara McDonald. Clara turned and was talking to one of the men who then handed her a medium black bag she took a few things from the bag and started the ritual.


The ritual consisted of a stake be driven through the young girls heart as it was driven the young girl opened her eyes with a scream she struggled but could only do that as she was tied down with ropes before hand. Clara eyes were calm finishing the ritual she whispered to the girl "sorry hope your soul can find the light" with that she took a sword and cut the head of the young girl. Clara stood up and walked down the alley the three men tidied the scene, Clara turned towards the crowd of members.


"Susan was a valid member and she will be truly missed, this is the last time Ernest McDonald will do this to anyone we will do all we can in avenging her death." She said to the crowd, the three men carried Susan’s body "take her to the cemetery and give her a proper burial then write home" Clara said to one of the men who nodded they departed, leaving the group and Clara behind.


"Cameron, where do we go now?" Clara said talking to one of the crowd a young man of twenty-five dressed in gentlemen clothing.


"Well they be wanting to feed again therefore we should split up and take the usual haunts". Clara nodded


"Split them the group and give them the destinations we meet up at first light the usual place" with that she walked off.


Cameron gave the instructions and walked off to Clara side, in the moonlit streets she looked peaceful, and content. The events didn’t take much of a toll on her although she may look tired she had a driven ambition to stop the savagery of Ernest and his cohorts.


"Another member dead, I’m thinking that maybe they are trying to tell us something" Carmon said


Clara gave him a weak smile "maybe, although my father wasn’t always that subtle" she said.


"Don’t take this as a vendetta" Carmon said stopping her, she looked at him with tears running down her cheeks


"I just miss him, that’s all" she said hugging him


"I know you do" they retrieved from their hugged and kissed she smiled


"I’m glad you’re here," she said smiling,


Smiling back Carmon said "you will never be alone, I’m glad you agreed to marry me"


"Yes there is nothing I want better" with that they both walked towards the East Side of Edinburgh.


Unknown to them a figure lingered in the shadow it was Ernest smiling he said "just you wait it will be your turn and you will be with me forever" stepping back into the shadow he disappeared.







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If you could travel back in time to spend a day with someone, who would it be and why?

If i could travel back in time i would spend it with William Shakespeare. Because I would like to see the master at work

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heya peeps ^^

Not a lot of things has happened just the usual really. OOOH i got my dreamticket which means i got 20 free tickets to use yay cant wait till i get to go to london with two of my greatest mates ever fantastic. Still feeling ill and down but at last i get a hoilday a week of me and mum relaxing its great and a week before i go i go to uni altho i will miss my friends but im sure i get to see them before i go to uni. Revision is going well I just have to think positive and spend my time wisely bring on the exams lol.

relationship matters well there's a different matter really I'm getting use to being ignored however i need to sit my bf down and set him straight on a few things. However I'm feeling content in things. I kno I kno I 'm suppose to download chapters of my novel but im feel its needs work and time so you will have to wait however i got three others so i see if i can download them.

I really want to get some photo's done of my friends suppose i can do them the next time i see them, *sigh* i have ran out of things to say really oh might be doing a photo shoot for my friend its a honour that he asked me love dressing up but really get a chance to im thinking the next big event for my friends i should suggest that we all should dress up yeah i just came up with a fantastic idea lol

ok well i ttyl 

hugs and kisses
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